Applications that Help to Find the Lost or Stolen Phone

It seems that when you’ve lost the smartphone or it was stolen from you, the game is up. Make your mind easy! There is an app for it! Anti-theft applications can help you to find the location of the target device, snap a photo of the thief with help of the frontal camera, block it or delete all your personal data from the phone with help of remote manipulating. Bring into mind that only some apps can be installed after the phone is lost – usually you have to install the app beforehand as a preventive measure.

  • Where’s My Droid. This app helps in case if the phone is lost. With help of SMS codes your phone will ring (even in silent mode) and send you the GPS coordinates of the device.
  • Plan B. This app is a real salvation for those who didn’t install anti-theft apps before the phone was lost or stolen. The app finds the target device using cell towers and GPS and sends the location to your email, or if there is no Internet connection, you will get an SMS with the coordinates.
  • This app has all necessary options for finding, blocking and remote wiping of the SD card plus alerts of a Sim change.
  • Android Lost Free. A unique possibility to torment the perpetrator: with help of special commands you can activate the alarm to ring with a flashing light and get the latest call list of a thief. The app is hidden from the launcher to prevent uninstallation.
  • Prey Anti-Theft. Search for your lost phone with help of SMS. The main benefit of the app is that it can be uninstalled only with help of the password.
  • Plain and simple app that can find the GPS location of the phone and review the pictures snapped by the camera of the device.
  • Find My Phone. Plain app with two word codes that make your phone ringing and track the GPS location.