Apps to the Rescue: Applications That Show You the Way

As the practice shows, anything can happen. Your long-awaited trip to India or another exotic country can turn into a nightmare just because it is a place you’ve never been before. Beauty of the unusual places and people can wreath the head and here you are, standing somewhere in Deli having no idea where exactly you are. There is no need to worry! Here is a list of mobile apps that could help a traveler in any situation:

  1. Google Maps. Any experienced tourist dully appreciates this app. It is a definite number one among all apps of this kind because it offers traffic updates, city tours and voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation.
  2. The main advantages of this application are that it proposes offline maps of the cities, local tips from experts and includes subway maps.
  3. Tourist Eye. It is a combination of several travelling applications. Here you can find maps, recommendations, tools for planning and a journal to take pictures and make notes about your journey. What is really important, this app works even without the Internet connection and
  4. Strange to say, but sometimes simple Compass app can help in a critical situation. It is astonishing it can be to just know the direction you are headed.
  5. Smart Traveler. This app was specially created by the U.S. Department of State to give a possibility to send travel alerts and warnings on the embassy. Also with its help you can create an itinerary.

Sometimes it could be a sound solution to ask locals how to get to the place you need. In case if you don’t speak their language, you can use Google Translate with speaking option. It proposes 58 languages in text and 23 languages with articulation.