Be Prepared for Travelling to Bangkok

Here are some helpful tips for travelers who want to visit Bangkok:

  • Purchase a good map with street names in English and Thai. It is really hard to orient in Bangkok as it has shifting streets and neighborhoods that look completely alike. It has hardly any city planning so the map will definitely come in handy.
  • You can barter. Look at the item you want to buy – if there are no barcode or set price you can bargain. There is a possibility to get up to 40% off the quoted price. However, the haggling should be polite and friendly, without aggression. And do not agree to buy item if the price is disagreeable – just walk away. It is 2 to 1 that you will be called back and proposed with more affordable price.
  • It is really hot in Bangkok. That stifling heat makes people sweat a lot, so it is crucial to drink a lot of water to restore the rehydration. There are loads of water vendors in the streets so you just have to keep a bottle in the bag and refill it once it is empty. Do not forget to seal it. You can also keep your beverage in modern Thai-style. At first it looks a little bit weird, however, that small plastic bag with handle and a straw is really convenient.
  • General rule of a thumb: a Thai who approaches you in the street thyself won’t just chat with you. There is a high risk that you will be persuaded to visit some temples you didn’t want to visit or buy gems you didn’t want to buy. Be aware of scammers.
  • Think of getting in the organized tours. There are many advantages in it: you won’t get lost, there is no need to worry about logistics, pure enjoyment of the Bangkok sightseen and they are not expensive.
  • Think in advance. It is necessary to plan your rout because not all places are accessible on foot. Think of using underground, the waterways and Skytrain.
  • What should you know about taxi – do not use it at rush hours, use only those cars where drivers switch meter on and always double check whether you left nothing in the car.
  • Thais are fastidious about proving the personality, so always carry a photocopy of your passport with you.
  • Always take a hotel card with an address written in Thai. Show it to the taxi driver and you will return home quickly and without stress.