Dindi – A spiritual journey

Dindi or Wari is a journey that thousands of devotees go for every year. It’s a journey from Alandi to a holy place called Pandharpur, which is near Kolhapur. Saint Dnyaneshwar started this tradition where all along this journey worshippers used to sing traditional songs called Abhanga. He used to walk barefoot with a flag in his hands, keeping his fast throughout the journey.


Even after so many years have passed, worshippers from all the corners of Maharashtra go for this holy journey which is called the Wari and the devotees are called Warkaris. Most of the Warkaris keep their fast on. Some of them even walk barefoot. This is a kind of spiritual concept which depicts the kind of path it takes to reach God, full of obstacles and hardships. Devotees of all age groups form the Dindi and celebrate the time forgetting all their tensions and problems. Wari generally reaches Pandharpur on Ashadhi Ekadashi after traveling for almost 15-20 days. All these worshippers reach their destination; in spiritual terms “God”, “Happiness” and “Freedom”.