Helpful Mobile Applications for Travelers

Today it is really hard to imagine a traveler without smartphone in hand. Usually a handheld gadget replaces GPS navigator, a map and translator, so it is an inevitable part of any journey. However, pallid statistics admits that travelers use no more than a couple of apps aimed to help on the go. However, there are many more applications that can help you to save time and money when you are travelling somewhere. Here is a list of free apps that are able to lend you a helping hand in your journey.

  1. Applications for TravelersHopper

This app is a finding for those who travel by air a lot. It will prompt you when it is the best time to buy tickets with the maximum profit. Also take a look at the color-coded calendar of the app that shows the cheapest dates to purchase a ticket. Also you can check the certain flight and the app will notify you when the price of the flight reaches its minimum.

  1. Options Away

Quite interesting and helpful app for those who regularly misses a possibility to buy cheaper plane tickets. With help of the app user can lock in the purchase for two days and up to three weeks. In case if the price drops the user automatically gets cheaper ticket. If not, he pays an original price plus fee ($5 – $50).

  1. Postagram

If you want to send personalized postcards to your kith and kin, think about this app. Upload the picture, write greetings and the app will print it and send through common mail. The cost of one card is 99 cent in the US and $1.99 around the world.

  1. Google Translate

One of the recent launches of Google Translate enables two people to use the smartphone or tablet as a simultaneous interpreter – just hold the device between speakers and the device will translate their speeches in the voice mode. So no more gesticulation in trying to communicate with people speaking different language.

  1. TripAdvisor

This crowdsourced app has a huge amount of users who rate different restaurants, hotels and sights so with its help you will be able to select the places that are the best to visit. More than that, the app works in the offline mode providing a guide to more than 80 destinations you can download and use later.

  1. Airbnb

This booking app meets and succeeds your expectations offering more than 1,000,000 listings. Want to spend some time in a castle? With help of this app it’s no longer a problem!

  1. Localeur

This app gathers advice from locals where to go and what to do in their native cities – you won’t find that in ordinary guidebooks.

  1. TripIt

Perfect travelling planner that creates a travel itinerary and makes sure you won’t forget about planned trip. And with build-in maps this app will make sure that your navigation will be well-thought-out.

  1. Gas Buddy

If you are travelling by car, this app is a must. It will show you the cheapest gas stations around.