How Not to Turn the Flight with Babies into a Nightmare

The very idea of flying with children terrifies many parents so they keep putting off traveling until children are grown up. Of course, no one can predict the behavior of children in the airport and during the flight, however, with these tips your trip may become much more enjoyable and easier.

  1. Take an advantage of extra time in the airport

Consider it as a compulsory point: you have to get to the airport in advance. There is a pretty good chance that you will miss your flight if you arrive in the airport at the last minute as you used to when travelled alone. Every airport has a play area, so your children will be entertained during this extra waiting time and you will have a possibility to get through all security and check procedures without haste.Flight with Babies

  1. While in the airport

Look through your carryon and make sure that your seat assignment is secured, boarding passes are printed, map and itinerary is packed in the carryon.

  1. Trip to the airport

Taking into consideration the amount of luggage, car seats and problems with parking, getting to the airport can become a trip within trip. In case if you are going for a short trip, think about off-airport parking, because parking in the airport area will cost a fortune. In case if you are going for a long trip, search for the car service oferring a possibility of using children’ car seats. That will save you some money as the car service will cost you cheaper than taxi, however, do not forget to book it in advance. Some car services do not offer car seats, though they can use your own seat and store it until you return.

  1. Check in

Stay close to each other, if the gate agents need to see all passengers. If you don’t plan to use a sling, don’t check your stroller, as you will be able to push it all the way to the gate. Moreover, some airlines allow bringing the small strollers on board. You can also take your car seat and install it on the free seat in the airplane to put baby there. Check the allowance list of the airlines: some exclude items like stroller or car seat from the list of the parent’s baggage allowance.

  1. Security issues

Organize everything beforehand. Explain your kids what will happen if they put something on conveyor belt and if they put shoes in the stroller.

  1. Boarding

If there is a possibility to split up, let one parent organize everything and the other stay with children. If you use a stroller, tag it with your name and address, collapse and stow it. Explain your children why it is necessary to wear a seatbelt.