Make Your Travelling Enjoying

Here are some useful tip and tricks how to make your journey more pleasant, to save time, nerves and money.

  1. Take an advantage of lower weekend rates in business district hotels.

Usually in big cities the prices in hotels are higher on certain days of the week when people have business trips. As a result, on weekend the price for the hotel rooms are lower than usual.

  1. Get rid of seasickness.

Dried gingerroot pill can save you from seasickness – you can find it at any health food store. Just take it before the trip and repeat four hours later, if necessary.

  1. Create different packing lists

Every type of trip requires its own packing list – the list for business overnight definitely won’t match the list of things you would take for a vacation in Italy. Update the list of things every time you return from the trip – add things you needed there and blot out things that weren’t useful.

  1. Save money with midweek flights

According to the information provided by experts of the best time to look for the airfare sales.

  1. Dress appropriately

By well-thought-out choice of dressing you can save a lot of time at security checkpoint (for example, wear slip-on shoes) and a scarf can be a wise solution to replace the airline blanket.

  1. Select local restaurants that have no menus in English

Usually tourists spend loads of money eating in a restaurants proposed be hotel staff. Avoid that, frequently restaurants pay hotels for driving customers. Better watch where locals eat and eat there.

  1. If you take a pet with you, keep it calm

Your pre-worn T-shirt packed in a crate of your pet will help him to stay calm during the time of flight.

  1. Eat yogurt

That will help you to get used to the new place as it helps you intestinal flora to be balanced.

  1. Check the busiest days of sightseen attendance and avoid that days.
  2. Learn the acceptable carry-on luggage: `3-ounce bottle, one quart plastic bag, one bag per passenger.   If you need to bring some medical exceptions, declare them so they will be inspected.
  3. Select the best room

Call the local number to book the hotel, as the 800 line is international and usually reserves rooms at higher prices. For example, check the heating system of the hotel – 4-pipe one enables to control the temperature of the room