Nai-A Pavement Barber

Hindu Society is divided into different castes based on the work of an individual and his family. This pattern of dividing society based on their work is called a Varna System. Each caste is not only assigned with an occupation but also has a prescribed role to play in social gatherings and religious rituals. Nai (pronounced “naaee”) is one such caste.
Nai (or Barbers) are people who earn there livelihood by cutting hair. It’s their family occupation. Certain proceedings in religious rituals, marriage ceremonies and death ceremonies are assigned only to this particular caste and hence they enjoy the needed social importance as well.

pavement barber

That is not to say that everyone gets their hair cut only at such Nais. In India we have some of the best hair-stylists in the world and they conduct their business in fancy salons. Every five-star hotel will have an elite hair-stylist’s salon. But the hair-dresser that we have shown in our film is one who is a “Nai” by caste and conducts his business sitting on the pavement along a busy road in Pune, India.