The Best Apps for Great Vacations

Travelling around the world or just to the nearby town can be both great and horrific. Everything depends on you and on exactness of your preparation. Now we have mobile applications that make all the difference in planning, travelling, booking and enjoying the trip! Here is the list of the apps that will definitely come in handy to all travelers!

  1. You may think that it is an ordinary guidebook, however, it is a set of recommendations made by people living in the city you are going to. Here you can find information about places you could never find with help of the official guidebooks!
  2. It is a great navigation app when you are visiting a country without trustworthy transportation options.
  3. This app can become your faithful assistant to find tickets and hotels at the bottom price. It even considers listings from Airbnb and HomeAway!
  4. This app is a peculiar mixture of the Instagram and Trip Advisor. Here travelers upload photos and submit recommendations concerning that places.
  5. TripIt. Perfect app for planning the trip. It helps you to transform all booking and travel e-mails into an itinerary.
  6. The procedure here is simple: you answer several questions concerning your travel and the app creates a custom packing list.
  7. The amount of tips in every country differs and sometimes you can overpay or even affront the waiter. Save yourself from the social embarrassment and calculate your tips with help of this iOS app.
  8. How could you go without Instagram? The most popular social media platform for sharing photos of your travels with friends also can help you with planning of the trip: just look through the photos of the other travelers and choose the interesting spots!