Things to Know for First-Time Travelers

A wish to see the world may be overwhelming, but you feel that fear of unknown wins? Stop panic, here you will find everything you need for easy packing, safe travelling, interesting pastime in the other country.

Planning and Packing

  • Take more money with you
  • If there is a slightest hesitancy in the need of certain thing, do not take it
  • Pack more underwear and fewer pairs of shoes
  • Don’t take clothes that cannot be washed and dried in a laundry room of a hotel or hostel
  • Do not bring bulks of cosmetic properties
  • Check your passport – it should have enough pages and validity
  • Evaluate the weight of your luggage – if you can’t bring it by yourself without efforts for three minutes, it is too heavy for you.
  • Be spontaneous but plan something in advance, for example, plan accommodation
  • Do not forget about medicine kit
  • Trust us, you will need one more memory card for the camera

While Travelling

  • Arrive to the airport in advance
  • Eat at home before the flight, the prices at the airport are sky-high
  • Be moderate with your drinks on the plane
  • Consider using earplugs, eye mask and mild sleeping peels
  • Take something entertaining with you
  • Select the time of sleeping according to the time zone of your destination
  • Go for a walk when you are flying, it helps the circulation
  • Answer questions of the border officers truthfully
  • Make your luggage look distinctive
  • Always have a change of underwear in the carry-on in case if the airline lose your luggage

After Arriving

  • Be polite and smile
  • Do not think that loud repeating of your question will make it more understandable for locals
  • Not all people are aimed to sell a pup to you. However, there are some who want that
  • Get out of the comfort zone
  • Money belts and bum bags are the strangest travel accessory ever
  • Do not take out your money every five minutes
  • Do not be afraid to meet the locals
  • Hide some emergency money somewhere as well as keep your passports safe
  • Looking for a place to eat? Select the one where you can see only locals, with menu on a local language and that isn’t included in the guidebook.
  • Use flip flops for the hostel shower