Top-5 Parental Control Applications

Browsing through the Internet you can find hundreds of parental control apps, however, not all of them are worth your attention because they are single-purposed or don’t meet the requirements of such kind of software. Here we have selected our top-5 list of applications that definitely hit the spot!

  1. Care4teen. This app is for parents of the Internet-addicted kids. With its help you will get video and social activity reports and block certain websites and apps. Among the benefits of the app is that it proposes one account for Android, Apple and PC.
  2. PocketGuardian. This mobile application struggles with cyberbullying, sexting messages and images. It determines bullying texts, nude photos and sexually explicit messages and reports parents every time when the target device receives inappropriate content.
  3. Onlinefamily by This app is more advanced and proposes a possibility to control the Internet activity, shows search queries, analyzes the frequency of attendance of the social media, secures personal data.
  4. MobileForceField. Another good app that proposes a range of useful features like SMS, MMS blocking and reviewing of stored content.
  5. This app is the best for parents because it is an enhanced version of all parental control apps put together. It is a multi-purpose app that proposes such features like GPS-tracking and Geo-fencing, call logs and message reviewing. Moreover, with its help it is possible to remotely manipulate the target device: you can block the stolen phone, for example, or delete inappropriate content. Also it gives an access to all IM chats, the social media and incoming and outgoing E-mails.