Travel around the World with Pleasure

  • You can use the USB port of the hotel TV to charge your phone. Many TVs in the hotels have USB ports on the sides. However, it will be inconvenient to charge the phone in the night.
  • However, bring a power adapter. You can buy universal travel adapter (you can find the one in the airport – do not forget to buy it in advance).
  • Do not forget to screenshot walking directions when you have got a Wi-Fi connection. Afterwards, you shouldn’t be wasting traffic.
  • Buy convenient and easy to carry city guide. One of the best ones is Wallpaper City Guide, that includes a small set of selections that anyone would want to visit.
  • Or you can use the application version of the city guide. It is more convenient as with updates you will receive new tips and changes. Or, try out their website – it has really useful feature with Unlike recommends. You will find guides for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Vienna, and Warsaw.
  • Think of using region’s budget airlines when you want to visit several cities. You can use Kayak or SkyScanner to compare and choose the most affordable price. However, this tip is not for you if you travel with big or multiple bags. The privilege of having heavy luggage will cost a bomb, still. You can save some money by paying for your luggage in advance online. Better travel with carry-on.
  • Many countries have their own tipping customs – make sure that you know them. For example, in some countries like Japan you will insult a waiter by giving him a tip.
  • Buy an international data plan, otherwise, when after returning home you will be shocked by the bills. Most carries propose around 100MB of traffic for use, and that is enough for checking emails. Always know how much data you have used. And don’t forget to cancel this plan after the trip.
  • Take out needed currency from local ATM. Thus you will have a lower transaction. Look through the offers of your bank – they may be a part of the “Global ATM Alliance” so using ATMs of the banks from this alliance will allow you to elude the fee.
  • Use your student discount, when you have such possibility.