Travel Safely with Our Safety Tips

Surprisingly enough, people think that something bad will never ever happen to them even when they read real stories about travelers who became victims of scammers or robbers. However, bad things still happen, mostly because of the nonchalance of travelers. So stay safe with the professional pieces of advice how to protect yourself from scammers and get the most out of your journey. One may say that such preparation for the trip will spoil the whole holiday as you will constantly expect something bad. However, the practice shows that getting ready for the journey thoroughly clears the mind and makes you more relaxed as you are prepared for everything that can happen.
Travel Safely with Our Safety TipsHere are the tips that may come in handy on any trip you make – take some precaution measures and get the most out of your vacation!

1.       Learn more about your destination place

Gone are the days when we had limited access to the information about different places. Today there are hundreds of websites that contain not only general information about different cities and countries but also reviews from the travelers like you who have already visited the place where you want to go. And do not forget to check the safety status at the local official government’s website – they provide trustworthy information regarding this point.

2.       Make digital copies of your documents

Together with paper copies of the important documents like passport, travel insurance or driver’s license, make digital copies and store them on the flash drive that is protected from falling out of pocket. It is advisable to place there embassy and consulate numbers and addresses and all information about hotels and flights of yours.

3.       Ask for an extra key at the hotel

In such unsophisticated way, you will create an impression that you are not traveling alone, even if you are. Also, pallid statistics state that most crimes happen on the lower floors so select a room on the higher floors.

4.       Do not trust hotel safes

Anyone from the hotel staff has a possibility to open the safe with the help of the bypass code, so it would be a sound solution to leave there nothing valuable. And do not forget to carry your password with you – no one knows when local authorities will want you to prove your identity.

5.       Forget about “hidden” wallets

Many tourists believe that the wallet hanging on the neck is a guarantee that their money is secured, so they even carry them outside of the shirts leaving the wallet in the public sight. Today such wallets are very recognizable, and pickpockets know perfectly well how to take care of them.
It is better to use wallets that are attached to the inner side of the belt and utilize wallets with RFID protection (such wallets protect information on your credit cards so no one can steal them magnetically).

6.       Protect yourself from hotel robbers at night

Simple as it is: take the simplest door stopper alarm, and if anyone tries to get into the room when you are sleeping, you will hear it.

7.       Do not share your travelling plans

Especially on the social media – are you sure that only your friends will read where you are going on the holidays? If it is too hard for you – change the privacy settings so only your kith and keen will see your pictures. Or you want everyone to know that your house will be empty for several days?

8.       Be warned about scammers

Learn the typical scam schemes at the places you are about to visit. Prepared tourists can save much more than their money avoiding such situations.

9.       Blend into the crowd

Try to act and look like locals: do not be noisy, do not attract attention and walk with confidence. Think about your routes before you leave the hotel.

10.   Use trustworthy taxis

It is better to use proved taxi services (for example, the one that your hotel proposes) as this year popular taxi services like Uber and Lyft had some issues with safety.